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Using the Red-Eye Correction Function
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5. Click OK.
Red eyes are corrected and the
the image.
(Correction/Enhancement) mark appears on the upper left of
Areas other than the eyes may be corrected depending on the image.
(Compare) to display the images before and after the correction side by side so that
you can compare and check the result.
Click Reset Selected Image to undo the correction operation.
If you want to apply the correction to all the selected images at once, select the Apply to all
images checkbox.
Manual Correction
3. Click Manual, then click Correct/Enhance.
4. Click Red-Eye Correction.
Move the cursor over the image. The shape of the cursor changes to
5. Drag to select the red area you want to correct, then click OK that appears over the
Red eye is corrected and the
(Correction/Enhancement) mark appears on the upper left of the
Click Undo to undo the preceding correction operation.
Effect levels can be changed using the slider below Red-Eye Correction.