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Using the Blemish Remover Function
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Advanced Guide > Printing from a Computer > Printing with the Bundled Application Software > Correcting and
Enhancing Photos > Using the Blemish Remover Function
Using the Blemish Remover Function
You can remove moles.
1. Select photos in the Select Images screen, then click
The Correct/Enhance Images window appears.
You can also display the Correct/Enhance Images window by clicking
Images) in the Layout/Print or Edit screen. In that case, only the image displayed in Preview
can be corrected/enhanced.
See "Correct/Enhance Images Window " for details on the Correct/Enhance Images window.
2. Select the image you want to enhance from the list displayed in the lower part of the
Correct/Enhance Images window.
The image appears in Preview.
If only one image is selected, the thumbnail does not appear below Preview.
3. Click Manual, then click Correct/Enhance.
4. Click Blemish Remover.
Move the cursor over the image. The shape of the cursor changes to