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Printing an Envelope
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Printing an Envelope
Printing an Envelope
For details on how to load an envelope into the machine, refer to the "Loading Envelopes" in the manual:
Basic Guide.
The procedure for performing envelope printing is as follows:
1. Load an envelop into the machine
Fold down the envelope flap.
Orient the envelope so that the flap is on the left and the folded surface is facing down.
2. Open the printer driver setup window
3. Select the media type
Select Envelope from the Media Type list on the Main tab.
4. Select the paper size
Click the Page Setup tab, and select Youkei 4, Youkei 6, Comm.Env. #10, or DL Env. for Page Size.
5. Select the landscape for orientation
To print the addressee horizontally, select Landscape for Orientation.
6. Complete the setup
Click OK.
When you execute print, the information is printed on the envelope.
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