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Canon IJ Printer Driver
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Canon IJ Printer Driver
The Canon IJ printer driver is software that is installed on your computer for printing data on this
The Canon IJ printer driver converts the print data created by your Windows application into data that your
printer can understand and sends the converted data to the printer.
Because the format of print data varies depending on the your model, you need to have a Canon IJ
printer driver for the specific model you are using.
How to Use Help
You can display the Help describing the driver setting items through the Printing Preferences screen of
the Canon IJ printer driver.
To view all descriptions of a tab...
Click the Help button on each tab.
A description for each item on the tab appears.
You can also display a description for a dialog box by clicking the link that appears on the
corresponding tab.
To see a description for each item...
Right-click the item you want to learn about and then click Help.
Alternatively, if the
[Help] button is found at the right end of the title bar, click that button, and
then click the item you want to learn about.
A description of the item is displayed.
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