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Copying a Specified Area (Trimming)
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Advanced Guide > Printing Using the Operation Panel of the Machine > Copying >Using Useful Copy Functions > Copying
a Specified Area (Trimming)
Copying a Specified Area (Trimming)
You can clip (trim) a necessary part of the original document to copy.
Settings for Special Copy
1. Select Trimming, then specify the top left and bottom right of the trimming area
, or
button by following instructions on the LCD.
2. After specifying the trimming area, press the OK button.
You can preview an image of the printout on the preview screen.
3. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white
If you press the left Function button after pressing the OK button on the Trimming image screen to
display the print setting screen, you can redo the scanning of the original document.
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