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Saving Scanned Data to PC Using the Operation Panel of the Machine
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this program for this action, then click OK. From the next time, MP Navigator EX is automatically
If the position or size of an image is not scanned in correctly depending on the type of the
original, refer to Scanning Photos and Documents and change the MP Navigator EX Document
Type and Document Size settings to match the original being scanned.
The operation to be performed after scanning the original depends on the scan operation
setting you have selected in step 7. For details on how to modify the operation settings, refer to
Selecting a Response to Commands from the Operation Panel Using MP Navigator EX .
If You Want to Edit or Print the Scanned Images
MP Navigator EX enables you to edit the scanned images, such as optimizing or trimming.
You can also start application software from MP Navigator EX to edit or print the scanned images.
Let's Try Scanning
If You Want to Scan Originals with Advanced Settings
ScanGear enables you to scan originals with advanced settings such as the resolution.
Scanning with Advanced Settings Using ScanGear (Scanner Driver)
You can use a TWAIN- or WIA- (Windows Vista and Windows XP only) compliant application
software and the Control Panel (Windows Vista and Windows XP only) to scan originals with
this machine.
For details, refer to Other Scanning Methods .
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