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Network Scan Settings
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Advanced Guide > Scanning > Scanning Images > Appendix: Various Scan Settings > Network Scan Settings
Network Scan Settings
You can connect the machine to a network to share it among multiple computers or scan images into a
specified computer.
Complete the network settings of the machine beforehand. (Refer to the printed manual: Getting
Started .)
Multiple users cannot scan at the same time.
Complete the following settings to enable scanning over a network.
Setting for Scanning with MP Navigator EX
To scan over a network using MP Navigator EX, follow the steps below and change the connection status
between the computer and the machine.
1. Start MP Navigator EX
Starting MP Navigator EX
2. Click Preferences.
3. For network connection, select (model name) series (Network: XXXXXXXXXXXX) for
Product Name.
(Where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the MAC address.)
For USB connection, select (model name) series for Product Name.
4. Click OK.
The Preferences dialog box closes. You can now scan via a network connection.
Go to the Main Menu to check whether network scanning is enabled.