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OCR Dialog Box
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Advanced Guide > Scanning > Scanning with the Bundled Application Software > MP Navigator EX Screens > OCR
Dialog Box
OCR Dialog Box
Click OCR on the Custom Scan with One-click tab or in the One-click Mode screen to open the OCR
dialog box.
Scan Settings
Document Type
Select the type of document to be scanned.
Color Mode
Select how to scan the document.
Document Size
Select the size of the document to be scanned.
When you select Custom, a screen in which you can specify the document size appears. Select a
Units, then enter the Width and Height and click OK.
Select the resolution at which to scan documents.
Use the scanner driver
Select this checkbox to display the ScanGear (scanner driver) screen and make advanced scan
For Document Type, Color Mode, Document Size and Scanning Resolution, the settings specified in
the OCR dialog box are displayed.
For Descreen, Unsharp Mask, etc., see the corresponding descriptions in " Scan Settings Dialog