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Scanning with WIA Driver
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This setting is not available for this machine.
Color format
Select how to scan the document.
File type
Select a file format from JPEG, BMP, PNG and TIFF.
Resolution (DPI)
Enter the resolution. Specify a value between 50 dpi and 600 dpi. 300 dpi is set by default.
Move the slider to adjust the brightness. Move it to the left to darken and right to brighten the
image. You can also enter a value (-100 to 100).
Move the slider to adjust the contrast. Moving it to the left will decrease the contrast of the image,
thus softening the image. Moving it to the right will increase the contrast of the image, thus
sharpening the image. You can also enter a value (-100 to 100).
Preview or scan images as separate files
Select this checkbox to preview or scan multiple images as separate files.
See how to scan a picture
Click to open Windows Help and Support.
4. Click Preview to preview the image.
The preview image appears on the right.
5. Click Scan.
When scanning is completed, the scanned image appears in the application.
Scanning with WIA Driver 1.0
The following is an example of scanning using Paint.
1. Place the document on the Platen.
Placing Documents
2. In File, click From Scanner or Camera.... (Select the command to scan a document
in the application.)
3. In the Select Device dialog box, select the scanner you want to use.
For network connection, select one with the MAC address after the product name.
To set up a network environment, see " Network Scan Settings."
4. Select an image type according to the document to be scanned.