Download Canon PIXMA MP620B Instruction manual

Main Components
(14) USB Port
Plug in the USB cable to connect the machine with a computer.
Do not touch the metal casing.
Do not plug in or unplug the USB cable while the machine is printing from or scanning
originals to the computer.
(15) Wired LAN Connector
Plug in the LAN cable to connect the machine to a LAN.
Do not touch the metal casing.
(16) Rear Cover
Detach to remove jammed paper.
(17) Power Cord Connector
Plug in the supplied power cord.
Inside View
(18) Ink lamp
Lights or flashes red to indicate the ink tank status.
See Checking the Ink Status .
(19) Print Head Lock Lever
Locks the Print Head into place.
Do not raise this lever after installing the Print Head.
(20) Print Head Holder
Install the Print Head.
(21) Scanning Unit (Cover)
Scans originals. Open it to replace ink tanks, to check ink lamps, or to remove jammed paper inside the
machine. When opening the Scanning Unit (Cover), lift it with the Document Cover closed.
(22) Card Slot
Insert a memory card.
See Inserting the Memory Card.
(23) Access lamp
Lights or flashes to indicate the memory card status.
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