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Loading Envelopes
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Loading Envelopes
You can print on European DL and US Comm. Env. #10-sized envelopes.
The address is automatically rotated and printed according to the envelope's direction by specifying with
the printer driver properly.
You can only print on envelopes with the computer.
You cannot use the following envelopes.
- Envelopes with an embossed or treated surface
- Envelopes with a double flap (or sticker flaps)
- Envelopes with pressure seals
- Envelopes whose gummed flaps are already moistened and adhesive
You cannot load envelopes in the Cassette. Load them in the Rear Tray.
Prepare envelopes.
Press down on all four corners and edges of the envelopes to flatten them.
If the envelopes are curled, hold the opposite corners and gently twist them in the
opposite direction.
If the corner of the envelope flap is folded, flatten it.
Use a pen to press the leading edge in the inserting direction flat and sharpen the
The figures above show a side view of the leading edge of the envelope.
The envelopes may jam in the machine if they are not flat or the edges are not aligned. Make
sure that no curl or puff exceeds 0.1 inches / 3 mm.
Load envelopes.