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Before Installing the MP Drivers
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Advanced Guide > Appendix > Updating the MP Drivers > Before Installing the MP Drivers
Before Installing the MP Drivers
This section describes the items that you should check before installing the MP Drivers. You should also
refer to this section if the MP Drivers cannot be installed.
Check the machine status
Properly connect the personal computer and the machine. For details on connection instructions,
refer to the "Setup the Machine and the Computer" in the manual: Getting Started.
Turn off the machine.
Check the Personal Computer Settings
Terminate all running applications.
In Windows Vista, log on as a user who has the administrator rights.
In Windows XP, log on as the computer administrator.
In Windows 2000, log on as a member of the Administrators group.
If an old version of the MP Drivers is already installed, first delete (uninstall) that version. For
instructions on deleting the MP Drivers, see Uninstalling the MP Drivers .
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