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Voice Commands
Voice Commands
VoiceSignal™ is an advanced speech recognition software that can be used to
activate voice commands for a wide variety of functions on your phone. VoiceSignal
software automatically voice activates all contacts for voice dialing and finding
contacts. No pre-recording or training is needed. Speak phone numbers naturally to
dial, and use voice commands to navigate phone menus. Names should be spoken
exactly as they are spelled in the contact list.
Voice Commands Settings
You can adjust the settings and preferences for Voice Commands by opening the
Voice Commands menu. Using this menu, you can change the following Voice
Command features:
• Name Dialing: You can place a call to any name and phone location in your contact
• Menu Shortcuts: You can use a single command to access certain menu items.
To access the Voice Commands settings menu, follow these steps:
1. From the Main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight Settings & Tools
press the Center Select key (
3. Press jkl Phone Settings.
3 Voice Commands.
4. Press def
and then
5. Use the Navigation wheel to select the setting you want to change. The
following options are available:
• Voice Dial: Select from the following:
0 key.
- Voice Key Only: Initiate voice commands by pressing the
- Voice Key/EarMic: Initiate voice commands by pressing the 0 key, or by
speaking into a headset.
- Voice Key/Flip: Initiate voice commands by pressing the 0 key, or by opening
the handset.
• Voice Settings:
• Choice List: If Voice Commands is not absolutely confident that it has correctly
identified a name or number, it can display a choice list of up to three
possibilities, and prompt you to confirm the correct one. You can control when
choice lists appear by changing the Choice Lists setting to the following:
- Automatic: Voice Commands displays a choice list when it is not confident it
has identified the correct choice from among multiple alternatives.
- Always On: When there are multiple alternatives, VoiceSignal always displays
a choice list.
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