Download Samsung Juke User manual

9. After a moment, the phone plays back the recording and prompts “Did the
recording sound ok?” If the recording was good, say “Yes.” If you need to
re-record, say “No.”
If you say “No,” the phone prompts you to pronounce the digits again. Wait
for the beep and then re-record. Repeat this step until you’re satisfied with
the recording.
10. After confirming that the recording sounds ok, repeat the recording
process with the next set of digits. After ten sets of digits, the phone
indicates that adaptation is complete.
Reset Digit Dial Adaptation
This option erases an adaptation and resets Digit Dial to its original state.
1. From the main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight Settings & Tools
and then
press the Center Select key (
3. Press 1 Tools, then 1 Voice Commands.
3 Digit Dialing.
4. Press the right soft key
Settings, then def
2 Reset Digits and press the Center Select key (
). The
Reset Digit Adaptation screen displays requesting confirmation of reset.
5. Highlight
Note: If you have not performed the Adapt Digits function, the Reset Digits option will not be accessible.
6. Press Center Select key (
) to proceed. Digit Adaptation Reset is