Download Samsung Juke User manual

Retrieving New Messages
Receiving Picture Messages
When you receive a new Picture Message, NEW PICTURE MSG appears in the
display along with the options View Now, or View Later.
Note: For the option Reject to appear in the display when you receive a Picture Msg, Auto Receive mode
must be set to Off in the Message Settings menu.
1. When you receive a new Picture Msg, press the
Center Select key (
) to View Now, or press
the Navigation wheel down to highlight View
2. If you select View Now, Loading... appears in the
3. After loading, the image (and text if any) contained
in the Picture Msg appear in the display.
4. Use the Navigation wheel to scroll through the
message or view the entire picture if necessary.
5. Press the left soft key
right soft key
Note: The left soft key
Erase/Mute or the
Options to display the following options.
Mute only displays when a sound byte is attached to a message.
• Press the left soft key
Erase/Mute to erase the message or mute the
sound sent with the picture message.
• Press the right soft key
Options. The following options may appear in the
- Play Again: Replays the sound in the message.
- Forward: Forwards the message to another recipient.
- Erase: Deletes the message.
- Save Picture: Saves the picture to My Pictures.
- Save As Ringtone: Saves the sound to My Ringtones.
- Save Sound: Saves the sound to My Sounds.
- Save Quick Text: Saves the text received in the message to the Quick Text
- Lock/Unlock: Locks or unlocks the entry to prevent accidental deletion.
- Add To Contacts: Saves the number of the sender to your Contacts as a new
entry or add to an existing entry.