Download Samsung Juke User manual

Sounds Settings
4. Press the right soft key
Options. The Bluetooth menu displays with
the following options:
• My Phone Name: Allows you enter a customized name.
• Discovery Mode: Allows other users to see your accessibility. Select On for
other devices to see your device, or Off for no visibility.
Note: After selecting On, users have one minute to see your accessibility. After which Discovery Mode will
automatically default back to off.
• Supported Profiles: Displays a list of supported Bluetooth profiles. Highlight a
profile and press the Center Select key (
) to view a description.
• My Phone Info: Shows the handset information.
Sounds Settings
The Sounds menu provides the ability to access the following menus:
Call Sounds
Call Ringtones
1. From the main screen, press the Center Select key (
2. Use the Navigation wheel to highlight Settings & Tools
and press the
Center Select key (
3 Sounds Settings.
3. Press def
4. Press
1 Call Sounds.
1 Call Ringtone to choose:
• Preloaded ringtone(s)
• Custom ringtone(s)
- Press 1 Get New Ringtones.
5. Press
1 Get New Applications. Select a ringtone app and press the
Center Select key (
) to follow the on screen prompts.
- Press
Note: Selecting an application can incur a fee.
2 Call Vibrate to turn Call Vibrate On or Off. Highlight On or Off,
and press the Center Select key (
) to save the setting.
6. Press
Changing Your Settings