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Making Prints Using the Stack Bypass
When making prints on transparencies, or non-standard size paper stock, load the paper stock in
the stack bypass.
Before You Start Using This Machine
• Note the following points when using the stack bypass:
Copy quantity: 1 to about 100 sheets (80 g/m2)
Paper size: 100 mm x 148 mm to 297 mm x 432 mm
Paper weight: 60 g/m2 to 128 g/m2
Curl down paper before use. (Curl amount: less than 10 mm for normal paper; less than 5 mm for heavy paper.)
There are some types of paper stock which may meet the above specifications but cannot be fed in the stack bypass.
Do not load different size/type paper at the same time.
It is recommended not to use the paper with anything printed on the back.
When using the label sheets load them one by one on the stack bypass.
When printing on envelopes, empty the output tray when at most 10 printed envelopes accumulate in the tray.
For details about paper sizes when using the stack bypass, see “Setting the Standard Paper for the Stack Bypass,” on
p. 3-9.
■ Standard Size
You can select standard A or B series paper, or inch-size paper.
■ Free Size
You can place non-standard size paper (100 mm x 148 mm to 297 mm x 432 mm).
■ Envelope
The following envelopes can be loaded on the stack bypass: US Commercial 10, Monarch and
European DL.
Making Prints Using the Stack Bypass