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Setting the Department ID Management
By storing a Department ID and Password for each department, you can set the machine so that its
functions can be used only after the correct password has been entered. This is called “Department
ID Management.” Department IDs and Passwords for up to 99 departments can be stored. This
function allows you to check the print totals for each department, for management purposes.
With Department ID Management, the following operations can be performed:
• Specifying whether or not to use Department ID Management
• Storing the Department ID and the Password
• Setting the Impression Limit for each department
• This function switches to Card ID Management when the optional Card Reader is attached. Card ID Management
System Management Settings
automatically manages the ID according to department. (See “Card Reader,” on p. 7-27.)
• The maximum number of digits you can store for the Department ID and Password is seven.
• The default setting is <OFF>.
Setting the Use of Department ID Management
You can select whether to use the Department ID Management or not.
(Additional Functions).
The Additional Functions menu appears and the indicator
Setting the Department ID Management