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:MARKer Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:MARKer:MODE <mode>
<mode> ::= {OFF | MEASurement | MANual | WAVeform}
The :MARKer:MODE command sets the cursors mode:
• OFF — removes the cursor information from the display.
• MANual — enables manual placement of the X and Y cursors.
If the front- panel cursors are off, or are set to the front- panel Hex or
Binary mode, setting :MARKer:MODE MANual will put the cursors in
the front- panel Normal mode.
• MEASurement — cursors track the most recent measurement.
Setting the mode to MEASurement sets the marker sources
(:MARKer:X1Y1source and :MARKer:X2Y2source) to the measurement
source (:MEASure:SOURce). Setting the measurement source remotely
always sets the marker sources.
• WAVeform — the Y1 cursor tracks the voltage value at the X1 cursor of
the waveform specified by the X1Y1source, and the Y2 cursor does the
same for the X2 cursor and its X2Y2source.
Query Syntax
The :MARKer:MODE? query returns the current cursors mode.
Return Format
<mode> ::= {OFF | MEAS | MAN | WAV}
See Also
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