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19 :MARKer Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:MARKer:YUNits <units>
<units> ::= {BASE | PERCent}
The :MARKer:YUNits command sets the Y cursors units:
• BASE — for making measurements in the units associated with the
cursors source.
• PERCent — for making ratio measurements. Use the
:MARKer:YUNits:USE command to set the current Y1 location as 0
percent and the current Y2 location as 100 percent.
Changing Y units affects the input and output values of the
:MARKer:Y1Position, :MARKer:Y2Position, and :MARKer:YDELta
Query Syntax
The :MARKer:YUNits? query returns the current Y cursors units.
Return Format
<units> ::= {BASE | PERC}
See Also
• "Introduction to :MARKer Commands" on page 318
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