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20 :MEASure Commands
(see page 790)
Query Syntax
:MEASure:VTIMe? <vtime_argument>[,<source>]
<vtime_argument> ::= time from trigger in seconds
<source> ::= {<digital channels> | CHANnel<n> | FUNCtion | MATH
| WMEMory<r>}
<digital channels> ::= DIGital<d> for the MSO models
<n> ::= 1 to (# of analog channels) in NR1 format
<r> ::= 1-2 in NR1 format
<d> ::= 0 to (# digital channels - 1) in NR1 format
The :MEASure:VTIMe? query returns the value at a specified time on the
source specified with :MEASure:SOURce. The specified time must be on
the screen and is referenced to the trigger event. If the optional source
parameter is specified, the current source is modified.
Return Format
This query is not available if the source is FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).
<value> ::= value at the specified time in NR3 format
See Also
• "Introduction to :MEASure Commands" on page 340
• ":MEASure:SOURce" on page 361
• ":MEASure:TEDGe" on page 363
• ":MEASure:TVALue" on page 365
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