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Getting Started
Programming the Oscilloscope
• "Referencing the IO Library" on page 52
• "Opening the Oscilloscope Connection via the IO Library" on page 53
• "Using :AUToscale to Automate Oscilloscope Setup" on page 54
• "Using Other Oscilloscope Setup Commands" on page 54
• "Capturing Data with the :DIGitize Command" on page 55
• "Reading Query Responses from the Oscilloscope" on page 57
• "Reading Query Results into String Variables" on page 58
• "Reading Query Results into Numeric Variables" on page 58
• "Reading Definite- Length Block Query Response Data" on page 58
• "Sending Multiple Queries and Reading Results" on page 59
• "Checking Instrument Status" on page 60
Referencing the IO Library
No matter which instrument programming library you use (SICL, VISA, or
VISA COM), you must reference the library from your program.
In C/C++, you must tell the compiler where to find the include and library
files (see the Agilent IO Libraries Suite documentation for more
To reference the Agilent VISA COM library in Visual Basic for Applications
(VBA, which comes with Microsoft Office products like Excel):
1 Choose Tools>References... from the main menu.
2 In the References dialog, check the "VISA COM 3.0 Type Library".
Agilent InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscopes Programmer's Guide