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:SBUS<n> Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:SBUS<n>:UART:TRIGger:BURSt <value>
<value> ::= {OFF | 1 to 4096 in NR1 format}
The :SBUS<n>:UART:TRIGger:BURSt command selects the burst value (Nth
frame after idle period) in the range 1 to 4096 or OFF, for the trigger
when in UART mode.
Query Syntax
The :SBUS<n>:UART:TRIGger:BURSt? query returns the current UART
trigger burst value.
Return Format
<value> ::= {OFF | 1 to 4096 in NR1 format}
See Also
• "Introduction to :TRIGger Commands" on page 589
• ":TRIGger:MODE" on page 598
• ":SBUS<n>:UART:TRIGger:IDLE" on page 527
• ":SBUS<n>:UART:TRIGger:TYPE" on page 529
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