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26 :SEARch Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:SEARch:SERial:IIC:PATTern:DATA <value>
<value> ::= integer or <string>
<string> ::= "0xnn" n ::= {0,..,9 | A,..,F}
The :SEARch:SERial:IIC:PATTern:DATA command specifies data values
when searching for IIC events.
To set don't care values, use the integer - 1.
When searching for IIC EEPROM data read events, you specify the data
value qualifier using the :SEARch:SERial:IIC:QUALifier command.
Query Syntax
The :SEARch:SERial:IIC:PATTern:DATA? query returns the current data
value setting.
Return Format
<value> ::= integer
See Also
• Chapter 26, “:SEARch Commands,” starting on page 531
• ":SEARch:SERial:IIC:MODE" on page 543
• ":SEARch:SERial:IIC:QUALifier" on page 548
• ":SEARch:SERial:IIC:PATTern:DATA2" on page 547
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