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29 :TRIGger Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:TRIGger:HOLDoff <holdoff_time>
<holdoff_time> ::= 60 ns to 10 s in NR3 format
The :TRIGger:HOLDoff command defines the holdoff time value in seconds.
Holdoff keeps a trigger from occurring until after a certain amount of time
has passed since the last trigger. This feature is valuable when a waveform
crosses the trigger level multiple times during one period of the waveform.
Without holdoff, the oscilloscope could trigger on each of the crossings,
producing a confusing waveform. With holdoff set correctly, the
oscilloscope always triggers on the same crossing. The correct holdoff
setting is typically slightly less than one period.
Query Syntax
The :TRIGger:HOLDoff? query returns the holdoff time value for the
current trigger mode.
Return Format
<holdoff_time> ::= the holdoff time value in seconds in NR3 format.
See Also
• "Introduction to :TRIGger Commands" on page 589
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