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33 Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:CHANnel:THReshold <channel group>, <threshold type> [, <value>]
<channel group> ::= {POD1 | POD2}
<threshold type> ::= {CMOS | ECL | TTL | USERdef}
<value> ::= voltage for USERdef in NR3 format [volt_type]
[volt_type] ::= {V | mV (-3) | uV (-6)}
The :CHANnel:THReshold command sets the threshold for a group of
channels. The threshold is either set to a predefined value or to a
user- defined value. For the predefined value, the voltage parameter is
Query Syntax
The :CHANnel:THReshold command is an obsolete command provided for compatibility to
previous oscilloscopes. Use the :POD<n>:THReshold command (see page 414) or
:DIGital<n>:THReshold command (see page 249).
:CHANnel:THReshold? <channel group>
The :CHANnel:THReshold? query returns the voltage and threshold text for
a specific group of channels.
Return Format
<threshold type> [, <value>]<NL>
<threshold type> ::= {CMOS | ECL | TTL | USERdef}
<value> ::= voltage for USERdef (float 32 NR3)
CMOS = 2.5V
TTL = 1.5V
ECL = -1.3V
USERdef ::= -6.0V to 6.0V
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