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Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Query Syntax
The :MEASure:TDELta? query returns the time difference between the
Tstop marker (X2 cursor) and the Tstart marker (X1 cursor).
Tdelta = Tstop - Tstart
Tstart is the time at the start marker (X1 cursor) and Tstop is the time at
the stop marker (X2 cursor). No measurement is made when the
:MEASure:TDELta? query is received by the oscilloscope. The delta time
value that is output is the current value. This is the same value as the
front- panel cursors delta X value.
Return Format
The :MEASure:TDELta command is an obsolete command provided for compatibility to
previous oscilloscopes. Use the :MARKer:XDELta command (see page 324) instead.
<value> ::= time difference between start and stop markers in NR3 format
See Also
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