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33 Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:MTESt:AVERage <on_off>
<on_off> ::= {{1 | ON} | {0 | OFF}}
The :MTESt:AVERage command enables or disables averaging. When ON,
the oscilloscope acquires multiple data values for each time bucket, and
averages them. When OFF, averaging is disabled. To set the number of
averages, use the :MTESt:AVERage:COUNt command described next.
Query Syntax
The :MTESt:AVERage command is obsolete and is provided for backward compatibility to
previous oscilloscopes. Use the :ACQuire:TYPE AVERage command (see page 195) instead.
The :MTESt:AVERage? query returns the current setting for averaging.
Return Format
<on_off> ::= {1 | 0}
See Also
• "Introduction to :MTESt Commands" on page 379
• ":MTESt:AVERage:COUNt" on page 739
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