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Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Command Syntax
:MTESt:AVERage:COUNt <count>
<count> ::= an integer from 2 to 65536 in NR1 format
The :MTESt:AVERage:COUNt command sets the number of averages for the
waveforms. With the AVERage acquisition type, the :MTESt:AVERage:COUNt
command specifies the number of data values to be averaged for each time
bucket before the acquisition is considered complete for that time bucket.
Query Syntax
The :MTESt:AVERage:COUNt command is obsolete and is provided for backward
compatibility to previous oscilloscopes. Use the :ACQuire:COUNt command (see page 186)
The :MTESt:AVERage:COUNt? query returns the currently selected count
Return Format
<count> ::= an integer from 2 to 65536 in NR1 format
See Also
• "Introduction to :MTESt Commands" on page 379
• ":MTESt:AVERage" on page 738
Agilent InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscopes Programmer's Guide