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Obsolete and Discontinued Commands
(see page 790)
Query Syntax
The :SAVE:IMAGe:AREA? query returns the selected image area.
When saving images, this query returns SCR (screen). When saving setups
or waveform data, this query returns GRAT (graticule) even though
graticule images are not saved.
Return Format
<area> ::= {GRAT | SCR}
See Also
• "Introduction to :SAVE Commands" on page 426
• ":SAVE:IMAGe[:STARt]" on page 429
• ":SAVE:IMAGe:FACTors" on page 430
• ":SAVE:IMAGe:FORMat" on page 431
• ":SAVE:IMAGe:INKSaver" on page 432
• ":SAVE:IMAGe:PALette" on page 433
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