Download Siemens simatic PCIL43 Operating instructions

Maintenance and service
11.2 Reinstalling the software
With the option "Restore system partition only", all data on drive C: (System) will be
deleted. All data, user settings and all authorizations or license keys on drive C: will be
lost in the process! All data on drive C: of your hard disk will be deleted. Setup formats
the hard disk partition and reinstalls the original factory software.
When you select the "Restore entire hard disk" option, ALL the data, user settings and
authorizations or license keys will be lost on the hard disk.
Restoring the factory state
To restore the factory state, proceed as follows:
• Place the Restore DVD into the drive and restart the device using the on/off switch.
• During the self-test phase, press the F12 key. After initialization, a "Boot Menu" is
• Select the optical drive with the cursor keys.
• Now follow the instructions on the screen.
All existing data, programs, user settings and authorizations or license keys will bedeleted
from the hard disk and are therefore lost.
For information on the functions, refer to the README.TXT file on the Restore DVD.
Installing Windows
Use the Recovery CD to install Windows to meet your special requirements. The operating
system used is Windows Preinstall Environment (WinPE). You will also need the supplied
Documentation and Drivers CD.
Booting with the CD Recovery
1. To boot from the Recovery CD, press the F12 key during the BIOS self-test. After
initialization, a boot menu is displayed, indicating all bootable devices.
2. Select the CD/DVD drive.
Follow the instructions on the screen until the "Siemens SIMATIC Recovery“ window is
Operating Instructions, Edition 09/2005, A5E00432875-01