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12.2 Problems when using modules of third-party manufacturers
Possible cause
USB device not responding. The USB ports are disabled
in your BIOS.
DVD/CD: The front loader
does not open.
To correct or avoid error
Use a different USB port or enable the port.
USB 2.0 device connected
but USB 2.0 is disabled.
Enable USB 2.0.
Operating system does not
support the USB port.
Enable USB Legacy Support for the mouse and keyboard.
For all other devices you need USB drivers for the specific
operating system.
The device is switched off
or the open/close button is
disabled by a software
Emergency removal of the data medium:
1. Switch off the device
2. Insert a pointed object, a pin for example, or an opened
paper clip into the emergency extraction opening of the
drive. Apply slight pressure to the contact until the front
loader opens.
3. Pull the loader further out.
The RAID software reports
the following error:
• The RAID plug-in failed
to load, because the
drive is not installed.
• The Serial ATA plug-in
failed to load, because
the driver is not installed
• The Intel® Matrix
Storage Console was
unable to load a page
for the following reason:
– A plug-in did not
provide a page for
the selected device
– A plug-in failed to
RAID is not activated
In this case, the reports have no negative influence on device
function and can be ignored. Please acknowledge the reports.
RAID is activated
In this case, please re-install the software from the supplied
Documentation and Drivers CD.
Problems when using modules of third-party manufacturers
Possible cause
The PC crashes
during startup
I/O addresses are assigned
Hardware interrupts and/or
DMA channels are assigned
Signal frequencies or signal
levels are incorrect.
Connector assignments
“Reset Configuration” in BIOS
SETUP has not been carried
To correct or avoid error
Check your computer configuration:
• If the computer configuration corresponds with factory state,
please contact your technical support team.
• If the computer configuration has changed, restore the
original factory settings. Remove all third-party modules,
then restart the PC. If the error no longer occurs, the thirdparty module was the cause of the fault. Replace this
module with a Siemens module or contact the module
• Force a “Reset Configuration” using the BIOS setup.
If the PC still crashes, contact your technical support team.
Operating Instructions, Edition 09/2005, A5E00432875-01