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Setting Up Fax Features Using the Fax Utility - Mac OS X
Parent topic: Faxing
Setting Up Fax Features Using the Product Control Panel
See these sections to set up fax features using the product control panel.
Selecting Your Country or Region
Selecting the Date and Time
Entering Fax Header Information
Entering Numbers and Characters for Faxing
Selecting Fax Send and Receive Settings
Selecting Fax Communication Settings
Printing Fax Reports
Restoring Default Fax Settings
Fax Scan & Print Options
Fax Communications Options
Fax Report Options
Restore Default Settings Options
Parent topic: Setting Up Fax Features
Selecting Your Country or Region
Before faxing, select the country or region in which you are using your product.
Note: If you change the country or region, your fax settings return to their defaults and you must select
them again.
1. Press the
home button if necessary
2. Select Setup.