Download Epson WorkForce 845 User`s guide

Caution: Make sure you do not load the ADF beyond its capacity for your paper size. Also make sure
the originals you load are not bent, folded, or curled and do not have tape, staples, or other materials
that could obstruct the feeder.
10. Follow the prompts on the LCD screen to clear any error messages.
Parent topic: Solving Paper Problems
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Paper Ejection Problems
If you have problems with paper ejecting properly, try these solutions:
• If paper does not eject fully, you may have set the wrong paper size. Cancel printing to eject the paper.
Select the correct paper size when you reprint.
• If paper is wrinkled when it ejects, it may be damp or too thin. Load new paper and be sure to select
the correct paper type setting when you reprint.
Parent topic: Solving Paper Problems
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