Download advidia VP-4 User manual

Figure 1-1 Wiring over LAN
Set the IP address of the device for accessing via LAN.
1. To get the IP address, you can choose either of the following method:
Use Advidia Device Utility, a software tool which can automatically
detect Advidia devices in the LAN and list the device information like IP
address, subnet mask, port number, device serial number, device
version, etc., shown in Figure 1-2.
2. Change the IP address and subnet mask to the same subnet as of your
Refer to the following introduction to set IP address with SADP software:
 Search active devices online
Search online devices automatically:
After launch the SADP software, it automatically searches the online devices
every 15 seconds from the subnet where your computer locates. It displays
the total number and information of the searched devices in the Online
Devices interface. Device information including the device type, IP address,
port number, gateway, etc. will be displayed.