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Elgar Model 9012 Compatibility
Elgar Model 9012 Plug-in Programmer Compatibility
The ac source interface has a language switch command that allows it to emulate the Elgar Model 9012
Plug-in Programmer. The command to switch languages is:
SYSTem:LANGuage SCPI | E9012
The language selection is stored in non-volatile memory and is retained after power-off. Regardless of
which language is selected, the current selection can be queried using
When E9012 is selected, all SCPI commands are disabled and the interface responds only to Elgar
commands. Many ac source features which do not have corresponding Elgar commands are disabled in
this mode, as are their front panel controls. The basic capabilities of the Elgar PIP are control of voltage,
frequency, and current limit, and readback of frequency, rms voltage, current, and power. Transient
capabilities include dropout and some phase synchronization of the output voltage changes.
Main Board W1 Jumper Option Emulation
Some Elgar 9012 programming commands are affected by the installation of an "alternate" W1 jumper
configuration. This behavior can be programmed in E9012 language using the following command:
JUMPer1 NORMal | ALTernate
The JUMPer1 setting is stored in non-volatile memory and is retained after power off. The jumper affects
the phase synchronization of the PEAK, ZERO, and DROP commands.
Syntax Compatibility
The instrument accepts a superset of Elgar of the E9012 PIP commands. It should correctly accept any
command string that the Elgar PIP accepts. However, it is less strict in checking white space between
headers and arguments, and it accepts more combinations of commands within a single message unit.
Any number of Elgar commands can be combined into a single program message unit. The command
separator is a comma, and serves the same purpose as the semicolon in SCPI. The format of query
responses is identical to that of the E9012 PIP. The response terminator is a newline with EOI asserted.