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Advanced Triggering, Search & Navigation, and Segmented Acquisition Labs
Figure 47 Triggering on Pattern = 1110 0110.
Your scope should now be triggering on logic pattern 1110 0110 (D7- D0),
and the top of the sine wave should be centered on- screen as shown in
Figure 47. In addition to displaying individual digital channels, this scope
can also display all of the digital channels of acquisition in an overlaid
bus display mode while displaying the HEX value of the bus. Let’s now set
up the scope to show the bus display mode.
16 Press the [Digital] front panel key; then tap the Bus softkey.
17 Double- tap the Bus softkey to enable the Bus1 bus display mode.
18 Set the scope’s timebase to 20.00 µs/div.
4000 X-Series Oscilloscopes Advanced Training Guide