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The Best of the Best - designed to bring
you everything satellite television offers.
• The only antennas capable of viewing
all satellites at the same time
• DIRECTV Slimline is the only antenna to
offer complete DIRECTV HD
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Get everything DIRECTV® has to offer
with the TRAV’LER® Slimline! This fully
automatic, one button on/off
antenna receives programming from
all 5 DIRECTV® satellites at the same
time for maximum HD and standard
DIRECTV® coverage! Receives both
KU-band satellites (101º, 110º and
119º) and KA-band satellites (99º and
103º) signals simultaneously. Works
great with DVRs! Unit wt: 53 lbs.,
Travel ht: 9.75”, Dim: 44”L x 34”W.
1-85850 (Mfg# - SK-3005) DIRECTV Slimline KU/KA
1-85848 (Mfg# - SK-1000) DISH Network
Ideal for DIRECTV® customers interested
in receiving all standard DIRECTV®
programming, not HD. Automatic, one
button on/off antenna views all DIRECTV®
KU-band satellites (101º, 110º and 119º)
at the same time for maximum reception
performance. Not compatible with
DIRECTV® KA-band satellites. Works great
with DVRs! Unit wt: 43 lbs., Travel ht: 9.75”, Dim: 40”L x 24”W.
DISH Network’s premier reflector dish used for home systems.
Automatic, one button on/off antenna
views all satellites at the same time
for maximum reception performance.
Works great with DVRs! Receives
all DISH Network® standard and HD
programming from satellites 110º,
119º and 129º simultaneously. Also
receives all Bell TV™ standard and HD
programming from satellites 82º and
91º simultaneously. Unit wt: 45 lbs., Travel ht: 9.75”, Dim: 42”L
x 26”W.
1-85849 (Mfg# - SK-3003) DIRECTV Triple LNB
All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
The solution for Canadian RVers! Fully
automatic, one button on/off antenna
receives programming from all Shaw
Direct satellites (107º and 111º) at the
same time for maximum HD and standard
Shaw Direct coverage. Works great with
PVRs! Unit wt: 54 lbs. Travel ht: 11.75”,
Dim: 48”L x 38”W. Must order both
models listed below for complete
1-85859 (Mfg# - SK-7002) SHAW DIRECT Mount
1-85860 (Mfg# - SKA-722) SHAW DIRECT Dish and LNB
Roller Plate
Mounting Plate
25’ long extension
cable. Connects directly
to existing TRAV’LER power/comm.
cable for runs up to 50’. Designed to
create solid
landing area for
LNB roller arm. Ideal for rubber
Designed for extra
support in thin roof
1-85861 (Mfg# - CL-SK26)
Communication Cable
1-85863 (Mfg# - SKA-004)
Roller Plate
Prices subject to change without notice.
1-85864 (Mfg# - SKA-008)
Mounting Plate
Antennas/Phone Accessories
12.9” RoadTrip® Mission™
Satellite TV Antennas
1-85871 (Mfg# - RT4000T)
In-motion, White
1-85872 (Mfg# - RT4035T)
In-motion, Black
1-85873 (Mfg# - RT4000S)
Stationary, White
1-85874 (Mfg# - RT4035S)
Stationary, Black
Power Converter
When height is not an issue, the
MiniMax is the solution! MiniMax
antennas offer a MINI footprint with
MAXimum signal strength. An enhanced
antenna design and high-gloss rounded
dome ensure maximum performance,
even in inclement weather. Simple
one-button on/off operation means
no set up so the antenna is ready
whenever you are! Antenna views a
single satellite at a time, switching back
and forth automatically. Supports up
to 2 receivers. Compatible with DISH
Network® standard and HD, DIRECTV®
standard only and Bell TV™ standard
and HD programming. Available in
stationary or in-motion; white or black
dome options. Wall switch, power and
coax cables included. Dome height
15.6” x 20” dia.; unit weight 13.5 lbs.
Compact, fully automatic portable
satellite TV antenna that goes with
you anytime, anyplace! Perfect for
RVing, camping, tailgating, races,
wooded areas, cabins, vacation
homes, back yard BBQs and more!
You’ll be amazed at how easy this
antenna is to set up and operate
– just turn it on and let it do the
rest! Runs off of 12V and plugs into
standard 12V outlet in your vehicle
(12V power converter to 110V sold
separately). Carryout supports
programming from multiple satellite
providers: DISH Network® (SD & HD),
DIRECTV® (SD) and Bell TV™ (SD &
HD) which is great should you ever
switch providers. Compatible with
wide variety of receivers . No need to
buy a special receiver. You even have
1-85833 (Mfg# - RT8000T) the ability to use your receiver from
In-motion, White
home. Single satellite viewing antenna
1-85834 (Mfg# - RT8035T)
with two coax inputs allow for
In-motion, Black
multiple receiver hook up so you can
1-85835 (Mfg# - RT8000S)
watch 2 TVs at once. Features easy
Stationary, White
grip handle for effortless carrying.
1-85836 (Mfg# - RT8035S)
Stationary, Black
Eyelet attached to base provides
ability to lock up antenna for added
security. Includes 50’ power and coax
cable. Lightweight and durable: 15.6”
dome height, 20” diameter. Choose
between classic white or Realtree®
+12 V Power Supply
camouflage. (Realtree AP HD © 2006 of
Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd., all rights
1-85839 (Mfg# - GM-1518) White $699.00
1-85827 (Mfg# - GM-1599) RealTree®
Camouflage NEW!
Sunforce 12V power converter allows
you to hook up your Carryout® to a
110V outlet when a 12V outlet is not
available. AC/DC converter, 5.8 amps.
Unit weight: 1 lb, ship. wt, 1.3 lbs.
(Mfg# - GM-1200)
Make +12 V installs a breeze! Converts
any standard 110 VAC electrical outlet to
a +12 VDC power source. Output:13.8
VDC, 6 amp. Never search for a 12 V
power source again!
1-85858 (Mfg# - PS-1208)
+12 V Power Supply
Prices subject to change without notice.
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Mission accomplished! The RoadTrip
Mission antenna offers the same
powerful and reliable performance
Winegard® is known for in an allnew sleek, ultra-compact antenna.
Easy one-button on/off automatic
operation with DVB technology
delivers fast and accurate satellite
acquisition. Enhanced antenna design
combined with the high gloss rounded
dome provide for unmatched signal
strength, especially in inclement
weather. Receives standard DIRECTV®
programming; all standard and
HD DISH Network® and Bell TV™
programming. Supports two receivers
for simultaneous viewing of different
programs located on the same
satellite. Available in stationary or inmotion; white or black dome options.
Wall switch, power and coax cables
included. Only 12.9”H x 20” Dia.; unit
18.5 lbs, ship wt. 28.5 lbs.
Carryout® Automatic
Portable Satellite TV
15” RoadTrip® MiniMax™
Satellite TV Antennas
Tenna Tool for Sensar
Tightens 15/16 nut holding gear housing to
base plate.
(Mfg# TT-1000)$16.86
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Carryout® Ladder Mount
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Carryout® MP1™
Manual Portable
Satellite TV Antenna
Extremely compact and super affordable,
take this antenna anywhere you go! Perfect
for races, tailgating, camping, traveling and
other outdoor activities. Manual antenna
stores in compact, durable case that doubles
as the antenna base when in use. Case
features easy grip handle for carrying or
locking down. Bubble level, compass and
elevation markings molded in base make set
up quick and easy. Includes 25’ coax cable
to allow for optimal antenna placement.
Case with antenna measures 16”w x 18.5”h
x 10”d, weighs 9 lbs. Supports 2 receivers
(not included). Receives standard DIRECTV®
programming and all standard and HD
programming for DISH Network® and Bell
TV™. Not compatible with DIRECTV® KA-band
(Mfg# - GM-MP1)
Carryout® Tripod Mount
Aluminum tripod elevates your
Carryout (both 1-85839 automatic and
1-85831 manual models) or VuQube®
portable satellite antenna off the ground for
protection from mud and water. Adjustable
height settings from 14 ½” to 22”. Sturdy
ground anchor, 6” bungee cord and anchor
loop hold the tripod and satellite antenna
securely. Easy assembly; quickly disassembles
for compact storage. Shipping weight, 4.4
lbs. (VuQube is a registered trademark of
King Controls.)
1-85832 (Mfg# - TR-1518)
Single Satellite Viewing
Mount your Carryout automatic portable
antenna to the RV ladder for temporary or
permanent installation. Weather resistant
powder coated mount features quick disconnect, so you can remove your Carryout antenna and set it on the ground or take it with
you anywhere! Extends from 19.5” – 23.5”
in two inch increments for 3 setting options.
Comes with wall plate with on/off switch for
convenient operation from inside the coach,
cable entry plate, 50’ coax and 25’ power
cable without lighter adapter plug. Verify your
ladder/pole can support total weight of Carryout antenna and mount – 20 lbs. Unit weight
5.5 lbs, shipping weight, 8.5 lbs.
1-85837 (Mfg# - GM-3000)
View one of any available KU-band
satellites (61.5°, 72°, 82°, 91.5°, 101°, 110°,
119°, 139°, 148°). Features 18” antenna
with dual feed LNBF for up to 2 receiver
viewing. Includes wall/roof/pole mount for
nearly any kind of installation. Can be used
with single satellite viewing tripod mount.
Not compatible with DIRECTV® satellite 110°
or KA-band satellites.
(Mfg# - DS-4248)
Tripod Mount
Heavy Duty Tripod Mount
Sturdy powder-coated steel
tripod mount with 1.66”
OD mount pipe compatible
with all DISH Network®,
Shaw Direct and Bell
TV™ antennas, plus all
DIRECTV® antennas except
Slimline. Fully adjustable
legs allow up to a 45°
angle setting for ultimate
stability and expand and
retract between 28” – 37” for an optimal
setting. Includes handy nylon bag which
attaches to leg when not in use to store 3
ground anchors, satellite alignment compass
and bubble level also included. Tripod folds to
36” requiring minimal storage space. Wt.101/2 lbs. Made in the U.S.A.
(Mfg# - TR-3535) Ideal when permanent mounting is not
desirable. Great for short stops, wooded
areas, boat docks, decks, etc. Works with a
standard 18” single satellite viewing home
dish. Azimuth degree markings molded in.
Includes removable legs, ground anchor,
bungee cord, compass and level. Not for use
with portable satellite TV antennas. 8-1/4” x
8-1/4” x 19”. Weight: 5 lbs.
(Mfg# - TR-2000)
Satellite Finder Meter
Satellite Alignment
Meter with audio tone
helps you align satellite
antenna to signal. Installs
between satellite antenna
and the receiver. Includes
jumper coax cable.
Use local zip code to obtain
azimuth setting from satellite receiver. Aim
your dish in the direction indicated by the
compass. Easy to read alignment instructions
printed on compass.
1-03336 (Mfg# - SF1000)
Prices subject to change without notice.
1-03324 (Mfg# - SC2000)
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Crank-Up Satellite Antenna
Digital Magic™ Sensor
Raise, lower and
rotate the 18” dish
with hand crank from
inside vehicle. Digital
Magic™sensor makes
finding the satellite
faster and easier. After
you park, the LCD readout inside your vehicle
shows the elevation of
the dish within 2 degrees, even if not parked level. 30” deployed,
8” stowed, wt. 12 lbs.
Gives exact elevation of the
antenna on an LCD readout
inside vehicle. Accurate to
within 2º even when the
vehicle is not level. Sensor is
installed on the elevating
tubes or the back of the
antenna and wired to the
wall plate. Includes 20’ of
3-conductor cable. Requires
+ 12 VDC or a 9V battery.
Ideal for crank-up satellite
antennas, 1-89496 and 1-82103.
1-89500 (Mfg# - RM-DM46) Crank-Up
w/Digital Magic Sensor
1-89496 (Mfg# - RM-4600) Crank-Up
No Digital Magic Sensor
(Mfg# - DM-4000)
RoadStar™ HDTV
DISH 500 Antenna
(Mfg# - RM-4610)
Same great system as above but comes
with factory installed Digital Magic elevation
sensor. Gives the elevation of the antenna on
an LCD readout located inside the coach.
(Mfg# RM-DM61)
1-80005 (Mfg# - HA-0130)
(Mfg# - DS-5005)
Combination Satellite /
Over-the-air Antenna with
Built in Digital Magic
Watch up to 500 channels including available
HD programming located on satellites 110°
and 119°. Fits heavy duty tripod mount (sold
separately). Multiple receiver capable. (Check
with DISH Network® for receiver compatibility
with DISH 500 antenna).
antenna opens
and closes like
an umbrella; stores in weatherprotected tube with
rain cap when traveling. VHF/UHF/FM
antenna receives signal in all directions
without rotator. Includes 15’ 75 ohm
cable with connectors and mounting
Cable Entry Plate
SENSAR® IV Antenna
Replacement Head
Durable molded plastic weatherprotected entry plate for up to 2 cables. For
use with automatic satellite systems.
(Mfg# - CE-2000)
Sensar IV amplified RV TV antenna
replacement head with integrated Wingman.
(Mfg# - RVW-205)
Exterior Satellite Roof Wedge
Roof-Thru Plate
Replacement Head for
Sensar® III Antenna Head
Designed to level satellite TV antenna on
vehicle with uneven roof. For vehicles with
extremely sloped roofs, multiple wedges may
be needed. For use with RM model Winegard
crank-up satellite antennas.
Aluminum weather-protected entry plate. 75
ohm both sides.
Sensar III amplified RV TV antenna
replacement head.
1-80492 (Mfg# - RJ-1010)
(Mfg# - RW-5000)
Prices subject to change without notice.
(Mfg# - RV-2005)
Antennas/Phone Accessories
(Mfg# - RS-2000)
Combination Satellite/
Over-the-Air Antenna
One mount and
one install for
both satellite
and over-the-air
(local) broadcasts.
Antennas raise,
rotate and lower
with hand crank
from inside the
RV. 18” digital satellite dish and over-the-air
omnidirectional RoadStar™ antenna satisfy
all your viewing needs. Requires 19.5” x
46.75” roof space.
Omnidirectional, over-the-air HD antenna
continuously receives VHF/UHF/FM signals
from all directions so you’ll never have to
aim or adjust it! Built-in solid state amplifier
boosts signals on average of 15dB on VHF, 20
dB on UHF. Power supply operates on 12 volt
DC. 0 – 35 mile range.
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Winegard has taken the powerfully
performing Sensar III antenna and integrated
it with the UHF enhanced Wingman® antenna
for the ultimate in over-the-air TV viewing!
Optimized for the new DTV spectrum, this
amplified antenna receives all available VHF/
UHF channels so you can enjoy watching all
your favorite local programs while parked.
Raise, lower and rotate the antenna with
hand crank from inside your RV. It’s easy to
install and lowers to only 4” inches above the
roof while traveling. Integrated Sensar head
requires 46.25” L x 15.25” W, unobstructed
roof space while stowed.
1-85830 includes amplified antenna and lift
assembly, +12 VDC white power supply with
on/off switch, white interior control parts and
20 feet of 75 ohm coax cable. U.S. Patent
Enjoy local programs in crisp, clear digital
and HD FREE with the most popular and
most reliable over-the-air antenna in the
RV industry! Built-in amplifier and unique
circuitry provides clear VHF/UHF reception
whenever you park your RV. Raise, lower
and rotate the antenna with hand crank
from inside your RV. It’s easy to install and
lowers to only four inches above the roof
while traveling. Antenna 1-80056 includes
amplified antenna and lift assembly, +12 VDC
white power supply with on/off switch, white
interior control parts, 20 feet of 75 ohm coax
cable, 6 ft. TV set cord. Antenna 1-87363
includes amplified antenna/lift, white control
parts, no power
supply or cable. U.S. Patent D500,496.
1-85830 (Mfg# - RVW-395)
Sensar IV Antenna/Lift $159.00
(Mfg# - RV-3095)
Sensar III Ant./Lift
1-85840 (Mfg# - MA1000W)
Motorized Sensar Ant./Lift 1-87363 (Mfg# - RV-7095)
Sensar III Ant./Lift No Pow. Sup. $145.94
Winegard Replacement Parts
Elevating Crank
1-80307 (Mfg# - RP-5000)
Replacement Handle/ Hex Shaft
1-03303 (Mfg# - RP-5895) ivory
1-03304 (Mfg# - RP-6795) White
Directional Handle
1-89492 (Mfg# - RP-6200) Almond
1-89493 (Mfg# - RP-6300) White
Directional Handle Spring
1-03301(Mfg# RP-6822)
Directional Handle Extension
1-89501 (Mfg# - EK-1036)
Shaft / Extension Handle
1-03326 (Mfg# - RP-4200) 12.25”
Elevating Gear
1-80285 (Mfg# - RP-3000)
Worm Gear / Shaft
1-80293 (Mfg# - RP-4000) 12.25”
Worm Gear RM Models
1-03308 (Mfg# - RP-4400) 14”
Gear Housing Assembly
1-89495 (Mfg# - RP-2049)
Exterior Roof Wedge Sensar
1-89491 (Mfg# - RW-2000)
Pins, Rings and Spacers
1-80280 (Mfg# - RP-2000)
Interior Hardware Kits
(Mfg# RK-CEIL)$12.29
1-84531 (Mfg# RK-HAND)
Wingman® Antenna for
Sensar® Antennas
Maximize your Winegard Sensar II or III
batwing antenna’s performance with a
Wingman. The lightweight, sleek add-on
attaches with simple snap-on screws to the
Sensar head to increase UHF performance
up to 100% for complete VHF/UHF reception
at a very low cost. Compatible with Sensars
manufactured after 1990. Elements are
powder coated white for long lasting
durability in harsh environmental conditions.
Requires 10” from edge of Sensar head to
nearest obstruction. Dimensions: 16.5”w x
14”d x 1.4”h; weight, 1 lb. U.S.
Patent D612,369.
1-85870 (Mfg# - RV-WING)
Prices subject to change without notice.
TV Signal Meter
Designed to work with all amplified Sensar
antennas, the SensarPro replaces your
current power supply and makes peaking on
digital channels a breeze. SensarPro is an all
in one product that acts as a signal meter,
adjustable amplifier and wall plate power
supply for your Sensar antenna. It is ready
out of the box and can be customized for
specific search modes eliminating guesswork
and frustration. Built in amplification can
give you up to 10 dB of gain for increased
performance or the ability to lower the gain
when positioned near a tower. Adjustable
audio feedback comes in handy when the
wall plate is out of sight or reach. High grade
electronic digital tuner focuses only on U.S.
digital broadcast frequencies and ignores
non-TV broadcast signals to provide precise
and accurate channel readings. Proudly
designed, tested and built in the U.S.A.
1-85875 (Mfg# - RFL-342) White
SensarPro TV Signal Meter
1-85876 (Mfg# - RFL-332) Black
SensarPro TV Signal Meter
Dealer Replacement Parts Kit
Now you can keep the most commonly
used Winegard replacement parts in one
convenient, stand alone container. The RPKIT1 comes fully assembled with a slide off
top and labeled pull out drawers for easy
access and reorder. 45” x 19” x 15” and
weighs 33 lbs.
1-80292 (Mfg# - RP-KIT1)
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Wall Plate Power Supply
Twelve volt DC power supply for RoadStar or
Sensar antennas in a flush mount wall plate.
Includes on/off switch with LED, +12 VDC
receptacle, input for cable or TV antenna,
built-in splitter for second TV and second
F-jack for an outside TV source such as
1-87362 (Mfg# - RV-7012) Almond
1-87361 (Mfg# - RV-7042) White
Exterior Phone Receptacle
Exterior TV Jack
Weatherproof telephone jack.
•Comes with a 75 ohm F-Style connector
•Flip-up door stays open for easier access
1-18320 (Mfg# 47755) Polar White
(Mfg# 08-6206) Col. White $5.69
Exterior TV Receptacle
Interior Phone Plate
Weatherproof park TV hookup with 75ohm
“F” style connector for connecting cable,
satellite or outdoor TV.
•Works with any typical home style phone
TV Outlet / Receptacle
1-18321 (Mfg# 47775) Polar White
Interior Cable TV Plate
Cable T.V. Lead In Kit
TV outlet with 75 ohm input/output and +12
VDC receptacle. Flush mounts in standard
electrical box.
1-80047 (Mfg# - TG-7321) Almond
1-80049 (Mfg# - TG-7341) White
Dual Outdoor TV Receptacle
Hook up your R.V. to take advantage of cable
T.V. offered at many R.V. parks.
Kit contains: one exterior plate with
weatherproof cap, one interior plate and 34”
of coaxial cable.
(Mfg# 08-6024) White
1-0302CW (Mfg# 08-6025) Col. White $9.48
•Comes with a 75 ohm F-Style connector
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Can be used in HD/Satellite TV connections
1-18322 (Mfg# 47785) Polar White
Duplex Weatherproof Outlet
Antennas/Phone Accessories
1-48873 (Mfg# 08-6201) White
1-03208 (Mfg# 08-6202) Col. White
Phone Plate
Weather-protected dual TV hook-ups with
75 ohm F-type connectors for cable, satellite
signal, or outdoor TVs.
1-03300 (Mfg# - WA-1010) Almond
•Direct OEM replacement
•UV & impact resistant
•Resistant to road salts & acids
•Used to cover a standard two outlet
electrical unit
•Spring loaded hinges
•Includes a weatherproofing gasket
1-18317 (Mfg# 476-A-2-A) Pol White $14.63
1-18314 (Mfg# 47505) Polar White
Prices subject to change without notice.
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Phone/Cable TV Plate
•Direct OEM replacement
•UV & impact resistant
•Resistant to road salts & acids
1-18327 (Mfg# 543-A-2-A) Pol White $25.20
Cable/Cable TV Plate
Interior/Exterior TV
Installation Kit
Flat Coax Cable
•For interior & exterior use
•Used for reaching places without having to
drill a hole
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite TV connections
•Kit contains: interior plate, exterior
weatherproof plate, and 6’ RG6 satellite
ready coax
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Can be used in HD/Satellite TV connections
1-18325 (Mfg# 47815) Polar White
1-18312 (Mfg# 47435) $8.10
Cable TV A/B Switch Box
RG59 TV Cable
Antennas/Phone Accessories
•Direct OEM replacement
•UV & impact resistant
•Resistant to road salts & acids
1-18328 (Mfg# 543-B-2-A) Pol White $25.20
Square Cable TV Plate
•Comes with screw-on connections
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite TV
1-18310 (Mfg# 47405) 6’ Interior
1-18309 (Mfg#47395) 12’ Exterior
•Can be used in HD/Satellite TV
•Comes with a 75 ohm F-Style connector
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Comes with screw-on connections
•Recommended for HD/Satellite TV
Cable TV Plate
1-18311 (Mfg# 47425) 6’ Interior
1-18313 (Mfg# 47445) 12’ Exterior
1-18302 (Mfg# 47265)
TV Cable Converter
Compression Tool
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite
•Push-on style
•Fits any F-Style coax end
Complete Cable Plate with Cover
1-18319 (Mfg# 476-B-1-A) Col White $8.55
1-18318 (Mfg# 476-B-2-A) Pol White$8.45
•Used to connect additional coax cable
1-18323 (Mfg# 47795)$6.64
1-18324 (Mfg# 47805) Repl Dust Cover $2.14
Replacement Rubber Dust Cover
1-27801 (Mfg# 475-PW-A) Pol White $3.05
1-18326 (Mfg# 47845) TV Cable Splice
RG6 TV Cable
•Direct OEM replacement
• UV & impact resistant
•Resistant to road salts & acids
•Paintable • Packaged.
•Solid push button for constant contact
•Mounted direct, with no adhesives or
brackets needed
•75-ohm inputs-75-ohm outputs;
Bandwidths 5-900MHz UHF-VHF-FM sources
accepted. 90 dB high isolation
•Two inputs and one output connection
For Waterproof Connectors
(Mfg# CT21R)
Prices subject to change without notice.
1-18300 (Mfg# 47245) 2/pk
Antennas/Phone Accessories
RG59 HD/Satellite
Compression Fitting
•Recommended for HD/Satellite connections
•Use of a professional compression tool is
needed when using this fitting
•Cable retention force 40 lbs
•Return Loss > 30 dB to 1 GHz
(Mfg# 47285) 2/pk
2-Way TV Line Splitter
Flat Video Cable
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite TV
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Used for multiple TV installations
•900 MHz rating
Run thru door or window. White, female
connector each end, 8” long.
1-18306 (Mfg# 47335)
7-1090 (Mfg# T265) 1/Pk
RG6 Cable
2-Way 2 GHz HD/Satellite
Line Splitter
RG6 HD/Satellite
Compression Fitting
1-18305 (Mfg# 47295) 2/pk
1-18308 (Mfg# 47355) $3.47
RG59 Coax End
4-Way 2.4 GHz HD/Satellite
Line Splitter
Cable with Waterproof Connection.
5’ (Mfg# RG-6--5’)
8’ (Mfg# RG-6--8’)
10’ (Mfg# RG-6--10’)
15’ (Mfg# RG-6--15’)
25’ (Mfg# RG-6--25’)
50’ (Mfg# RG-6--50’)
75’ (Mfg# RG-6--75’)
100’ (Mfg# RG-6--100’)
100 Bulk’ RG-6 $0.22/Ft
1000’ Reel RG-6
•Twist-on style
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite
•No clamping required
1-18301 (Mfg# 47255) 2/pk
•Recommended for HD/Satellite TV
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Used for multiple TV installations
•2.4 GHz rating
•DC power, one port passing
RG6 Coax End
(Mfg# 47345)
1-18303 (Mfg# 47275)
1-0095 (Mfg# AB4 SW) Prices subject to change without notice.
High Frequency Splitter
2 Position Push Button
(Mfg# STVC)
AB Switch
•Twist-on style
•Not recommended for HD/Satellite
•No clamping required
Antennas/Phone Accessories
•Recommended for HD/Satellite connections
•Use of a professional compression tool is
needed when using this fitting
•Recommended for HD/Satellite TV
•Works with any F-Style coax connection
•Used for multiple TV installations
•2 GHz rating
•DC power, one port passing
1-0097 (Mfg# HFS2P) 2-Way$5.95
(Mfg# HFS4P) 4-Way $6.98
Antennas/Phone Accessories
(Mfg# SLC60) 19 " LCD HD TV AC/DC
with table stand
TV Grips
Waterproof Compression
Coax Barrel Connector
Two-corner kit for 13” TV or similar size
equipment. Four-corner fastening (2-kits)
recommended for offroad traveling.
1-41318 (Mg# MRV 100BK) Black
1-41317 (Mfg# MRV 100WT) White
1-0090 (Mfg# FGF811) Male/Male (F-81)
Super TV Grips
Crimp Connectors
Antennas/Phone Accessories
1-45138 (Mfg# MRV 200BK) Black $11.99
1-45139 (Mfg# MRV 200WT) White $11.99
Max Grip TV Fasteners
No Touch Screen Clean Kit
Increase the clarity and lifespan
of your personal electronics.
Non-streak, gel spray formula
helps clean troublesome dirt,
grease, and dust quickly and
thoroughly. The gentle optical grade polishing cloth and
retractable detailing brush help
wipe away any unwanted residue safely for
a scratch free surface. Alcohol and ammonia
free. Suggested Applications: Plasma screens,
HDTV screens, LCD, computer, laptop,
camera, projector lenses, copier & scanner
glass, cell phones, touch screens, instrument
panels, GPS devices & more!
(Mfg# 10)
1-10562 (Mfg# JE1911RTL) 19”
Doubles the size and strength of TV Grips.
Two-corner kit for 13” TV/VCR combination.
Four-corner fastening (2-kits) recommended
for off-road traveling.
Attaching these quickconnects to your TV cable
allows you to quickly
& easily connect or
disconnect your cable. Just
push on & pull off - easier
than fighting with hard to get at connection
points. Package includes two adapters, one
for each end of your cable.
For RG-59 (Mfg# F59-290G) $0.68
For RG-6 (Mfg# F56-324G) $0.68
TV Cable Quick Connects
(Mfg# 36045)
TV boasts all the features
you could ask for including
an integrated HDTV tuner
(1080p, 720p & 480p),
16:9 aspect ratio and highcontrast ratio. Runs on 12 Volt DC power so
watch it as long as you want while out on the
road (AC Adapter included). Great for RVs!
- 110VAC Power
- Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner
- HDTV Ready (1080p, 720p, & 480p)
- Convenient Front controls
- Conformal coated circuit boards
- Reinforced cabinet structure and mounting
- Optional table top stand (STD1909)
- Dual function wireless remote control included
- VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting pattern
- IR repeater allows you to operate JENSEN
DVD player with the dual
full function wireless remote control (included)
with your JENSEN TV
- RoHS compliant
- Overall Dimensions: 20.4”W x 15.2”H x 3”D
Holds 19” to 32” TV’s safely in off road
conditions. Two-corner kit designed for 19” TVs.
Two kits are recommended for 27” and 32” sets.
Two fastening sets, one safety strap per kit.
1-46408 (Mfg# MRV 630BK) Black
Extra Length Straps
4’ locking strap. Use with TV Grips or Super
Grip fasteners. Cut to size. One strap per kit.
1-45141 (Mfg# MRV 48BK) Black
1-45142 (Mfg# MRV 48WT) White
Prices subject to change without notice.
26 " LCD HD TV
Hit the road in style
with Jensen's 26" LCD
Television. This Flat
boasts all the features
you could ask for
including an integrated
HDTV tuner (1080p, 720p & 480p), 16:9 aspect
ratio and high-contrast ratio. The unique CEC
function on this TV works with our AWM975
wallmount stereo/DVD player and allows the
user to control the functions of both of these
products with one remote.
- Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner
- High performance wide 16:9 LCD panel
- AC Power - 16.7 Million colors
- HDTV Ready (1080p, 720p, 480p)
- Convenient Front controls
- Optional table top stand
- Dual function wireless remote control included
- VESA 100mm x 100mm and 200mm x 100
mounting pattern
- IR repeater allows you to operate JENSEN
DVD player with the dual full function
wireless remote control (included) with your
JENSEN TV - CEC function with AWM975 or other Jensen
CEC-equipped HDMI DVD players
- VESA Mounting pattern 100mm x 100mm +
200mm x 100mm
- Overall Dimensions: (without stand) 26” x
17.8” x 4” SPECIAL ORDER
1-10563 (Mfg# JE2611RTL) 26”
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Wallmount CD Stereo
Vision Stat Portable Kit
CD, MP3 Input. Electronic CD Skip Protection
(ESP). Plays CD/CDR/RW. Mechanical Tune
AM/FM Radio with Backlit Digital Display
and Controls. 12 Volt DC Power. Vertical
CD Mechanism. Volume. Bass. Treble. and
Balance Controls. Preset EQ (jazz. Rock. Pop.
Classic). Clock & Alarm. Speaker Selector
Switch (A. B. A+B). Aux Input, Headphone
Jack. High Output Power (25W x 2)
Dimensions: 10 1/2” W x 7” H x 5 1/2” D
5.6” Color Rear Observation System
1-10560 (Mfg# AWM910)
Portable Wireless Camera. VisionStat Portable provides a
safe and convenient viewing method for all types of towing
applications. The wireless color system is easily installed
allowing the driver to back and align the towing vehicle using
a removable, handheld receiver with a 2.4” LCD screen. Night
vision enabled camera has magnetic base to allow
mounting flexibility and safe storage. Safely Align Hitching.
Mount Inside Vehicle To Watch Valuable Cargo. Transmits Up
To 300’ for Temporary Security Use. Portable Wireless Monitor.
Full Color 2.4” LCD Screen. LCD Resolution 480x240. Adjust
Brightness and Contrast. Portable, Single Hand Operation. Easy
to Install Suction Cup Adapter for Glass Mount or Vent Clip Adapter for Air Vent Mount.
Wall Mount DVD Radio
5.6” Color LCD, 2 Camera inputs, front controls, flush panel
mount, trigger
wire for auto-on in reverse gear, and rear view image appears
automatically when dropped in reverse gear. Also includes color
camera with IR lighting and 65’ Camera Extension Cable.Great
for Class C Motorhomes.
(Mfg# AOS562)
108 watt wall mount stereo with DVD, CD,
AM/FM, has three zone audio output for
front, bedroom and outdoor sound. Use the
front USB input to play personal music files,
plus rear audio input for TV sound or satellite
radio. Has 30 station presets, clock with sleep
timer and alarm, wireless remote control.
Dimensions: 10 1/2” W x 7” H x 5 1/2” D
Includes: One 5.6” Color LCD Monitor with Integrated
Receiver, One 12V Accessory Plug, One Suction Cup Monitor Mount, One Rear Color Camera
with Integrated Transmitter, Stainless Steel Hardware, Non-Corrosive Mounting bracket.
Monitor Dimensions: 5 7/8” W x 5 1/4” H x 1 1/4” D
Camera Dimensions: 3.4” W x 1.7”H x 1.7”D
1-10561 (Mfg# AWM970)
Wi-Sight Digital Wireless Technology is a new scientific
breakthrough in wireless video that eliminates the interference
found in typical analog wireless systems. The cameras
transmitter is digitally locked to the monitors receiver for a
sharp clear wireless picture. The Wi-Sight signal is so powerful
it can travel through RV walls with up to 60 foot range. The
monitors suction cup mount and cigarette light plug allows
portability between vehicles.
1-10568 (Mfg.. # WVOS511) Prices subject to change without notice.
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Wireless Rear View Camera System
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Antennas/Phone Accessories
Prices subject to change without notice.