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2.8 Display Troubleshooting
Procedure 3
2 Troubleshooting Procedures
Connector and Cable Check
LCD Module is connected to system board by an LCD/FL cable. FL inverter board is also
connected to system board by an LCD/FL cable. In addition, fluorescent lamp is connected
to FL inverter board by HV cable. Their cables may be disconnected from system board or
FL inverter board. Disassemble the computer following the steps described in Chapter 4,
Replacement Procedures.
If the connection is loose, reconnect firmly and restart the computer. If the problem still
occurs, go to Procedure 4.
<LCD module>
Fluorescent lamp
LCD/FL cable
HV cable
<FL inverter>
Satellite A50S /TECRA A3X Maintenance Manual (960-534)
<System board>