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addVANTAGE Pro 6.2 User Guide
The Tools Menu
If a specific crop extension has been made invisible on the Extensions tab (as
described next), the extension will not appear in any list of disease models or
calculation extensions that can be added to the crop.
Your ability to edit this dialog depends on your role.
Extensions Tab
Use the Extensions tab (Figure 26) to select whether to Show advanced settings
in extensions. If selected, the Advanced settings tab displays in an extension’s
Properties dialog.
Figure 26. User Options Dialog, Extensions Tab
You can also make the various calculation extensions and disease models visible
on the context menu.
Your ability to edit this dialog depends on your role.
Engineering Units Tab
Use the Engineering Units tab (Figure 27) to change the engineering units used
to express the tags.
Figure 27. User Options Dialog, Engineering Units Tab
Use the System dropdown to choose how engineering units will be displayed to
you. Metric and Imperial provide a set of default units that are either metric or
American. For example, Figure 27 shows that the original engineering unit for