Download User Manual of Custom Backup Power Supply 12v

User Manual of
Custom Backup Power Supply 12v 26Ah (CU-MM125 PID#
AA Portable Power Corp (
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Prepared & Approved by Louis (01/10/10)
Never make wrong polarity connection when charging and discharging battery
packs. Always double check polarity of battery& connector to make sure red
wire to red wire and black wire to black wire.
Please always use a smart charger (with automatic power cut-off function) to
charging NiMH battery, charging NiMH battery without an attention may cause
battery explode.
When charging NiMH battery, please always put the battery in a wire-proof
place to avoid any accident happen.
Please always following specification listed on our web page to charging and
discharging NiMH battery.
For larger battery pack ( 10Ah or larger ) , please always use a smart charger
with temperature sensor to avoid over heating which may cause the accident.
NiMH batteries have higher energy than NiCd battery, but they have higher
self discharging rate and shorter shelf life. Therefore, please always keep
NiMH cells / battery pack in charged condition after using or before storing
Suggest you charging NiMH batteries and packs at least every six months,
otherwise NiMH battery will reduce capacity or dead. For safety reason, we
usually ship NiMH battery without fully charged. You must charging NiMH
battery before use, and allow 3-5 cycles of charging and discharging for
battery capacity to be recovered.
Front Panel Explanation
1 = LED status
Red = Charging Battery
Green = Ready to use
2 = AC Input 100-240VAC 60 Hz
3 = Watt’s up Meter
4 = Power on off switch
Position 1 = On
Center = Off
Position 2 = ON
Note: Position 1 & Position 2 are the same
5= Output 175W (Do not overload)