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DWX-30: Dust Collection Capsule / Dust Collecting Performance (Notice of Corrections and Additions to User’s Manual)
[Addition] How to Connect the Dust Collection Hoses
Be Sure to Read This First
This document describes corrections and additions to the User’s Manual. As they are necessary to ensure proper and safe use of this machine,
please be sure to read this document first in using this machine.
Connect the dust collection hoses as shown in the illustration.
[Correction] Dust Collection Capsule and Dust Collecting Performance
Keep the cap on during cutting.
Otherwise, cutting dust will fly off.
This machine is equipped with a dust collection capsule to enhance its dust collecting performance. As the illustration of this feature in the
User’s Manual is not consistent with the actual structure, the illustration should be corrected as below.
Branch adapter B
Dust collector
Have this ready separately.
Branch adapter A
Dust collection hose A
[Addition] Operating Suggestions for Dust Collection Capsule
Please follow the below instructions.
 Remove the cover in performing “Detection of the Jig Location” (on page 68 of the User’s Manual).
Dust collection hose C
Dust collection hose B
[Correction] Opening Size to Connect a Dust Collector
The dimensions described in “Opening Size to Connect a Dust Collector,” on page 96 of the User’s Manual, are at variance with the facts. The
actual dimensions are as follows.
Diameter 56.3
Diameter 50.8
If the cover is on during the process of detecting the jig location, it may come in contact with the detection pin and result in the machine
 Install the cover in cutting.
The dust collection capsule is needed to vacuum cutting dust made during the cutting operation. Without the cover, the machine cannot
perform at its full potential in collecting dust
[Addition] Included Items
In addition to the accessories described in the User’s Manual, the following items are actually accompanying. Make sure they are all present
and accounted for.
Unit: mm
Diameter 65.5
Dust collection
[Addition] How to Clean Inside the Dust Collection Capsule
When cutting is finished, fix the cleaning nozzle to the dust collection hose C and remove the cover of the dust collection capsule to clean the
Dust collection hose A
Dust collection hose B
Dust collection hose C
Cleaning nozzle
By turning the top, you can make it applicable to
sweeping or vacuuming.
Branch adapter A
Dust collection
hose C
Branch adapter B
Cleaning nozzle
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