Download Blue Wave Boats 2200 Pure Bay User's Manual

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€ \ 27 а e-8 Persons or 1096 Ibs You can see that Richard and Steven Parks grew up around all
New in 2006 the 2200 Pure Bay is truly a landmark in | * 1751 lbs - persons, motor, gear aspects of boating. As co-owners of Blue Wave Boats they have
the long line of Blue Wave history. By integrating state y Ч eRe ELL aus iy dreamt of bringing you new and exciting bay boat designs.
~ * Hull Weight - Approx.1700 165
of the art materials and methods into one design, swe. Now they are proud to introduce the new Pure Bay series,
* Length -21'4" Beam - 102"
— __ Draft-13" (approx.)
e Fuel 60 Gallons has to offer. Richard and Steven have committed themselves to
have created a boat that defines a class of its own ANEZZUNE some of the highest quality and sleekest bay boats the market
Pure Bay's sleek, original hull design utilizes a 165 VARADIECKIPAG SSS = 5
‘ ) - ; oT. « Poi : ’ :
on the running surface that allows it to flow flawies ALLY 237: imes- continuing the Parks’ family tradition, that began three
that encompass the boat from the inside out. We béliévefiathavinggs generations ago, of producing the best possible boats that will
the most unique and attractive designs, backed bye Ir proven family provide you and your family vears of enjoyment on the water.
For Richard and Steven the 2200 Pure Bay is not just one of
Satin Singh
"Wave Grip" the best new boats on the market, but a dream come true.
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minded quality of manufacturing, will make this boat appeal to
evervone, demanding envy and respect from all your fishing partners.
Rodbox Fishbox — Leaning Post Livewe!! Benchseat
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