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Bluetooth Wireless Headset
• Range of 10 meters (32.8 ft.)—move freely
while conversing.
• Works wherever you work—use with a standard
desktop phone and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile
• GN Link ™ technology identifies which phone is
ringing and connects to it, switching between
lines seamlessly!
• Unique behind-the-ear wearing style.
• Has a discreet, contoured shape and a patented
MiniGel ™ eartip that provides comfortable use
even over extended periods.
• Provides up to eight hours of talk time, so you
only need to charge it once for a normal workday.
Contoured to fit snugly behind your ear, the Bluetooth
Wireless Headset has all the features for those on the move.
Operating hands-free, you can boost your productivity as you
move about your work space.
Roam as far as 10 meters (32.8 ft.) from your desk. The
headset’s base charger/adapter makes any standard phone
Bluetooth capable. Or switch seamlessly between your office
phone and your Bluetooth-ready mobile phone.
The headset sets up in minutes and gives you a charge of
eight hours of talk time. When it’s not in use, simply keep it
in its base.
What’s more, the Bluetooth Wireless Headset uses
advanced encryption and frequency-hopping technology
to keep your communications secure.
Eight hours of talk time
and a 10-meter range.
Bluetooth Wireless Headset