Download Black & Decker CA-JLTDHK User's Manual

CA-JLTDHK | 12V Power Adapter for Motorcycles
Package Contents:
(1) CA-JLTDHK - 12V Power Adapter for motorcycles
12V Power Adapter
for Motorcycles
Step 1. Installation of the CA-JLTDHK is simple, however it is strongly
suggested that you have knowledge of your motorcycle or
other vehicle’s operation before installing. The CA-JLTDHK
requires proper grounding, and if not installed correctly may
result in damage to your motorcycle or other vehicle and
injury to yourself.
Step 2. Connect the CA-JLTDHK to your motorcycle or other
vehicle by attaching the negative terminal to the
motorcycle battery’s negative terminal post. Attach the
positive cable to your vehicle’s battery using the most
appropriate solution. Due to varying battery specs, you
may need to attach a larger terminal (not included) for the
positive cable or other appropriate solution.
Cable Length - 2 Ft.
In-Line 250V / 3 Amp Replaceable Fuse
Negative Cable Terminal
12V Power Dongle
Positive Cable
Safety Precautions
Arkon is not responsible for any damages caused to your phone or device due
to misuse of this product.
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