Download AMC FM DWS 1500 User's Manual

Provides fresh tasting water, coffee
and beverages
Advanced filtration and contaminant
adsorption system reduces sediment,
rust, chlorine taste and odor, lead
and cysts that may be present in the
water supply
Sanitary Quick Change filter
cartridges for easy installation and
service — no spills, no mess
Compact, integral design eliminates
costly plumbing components and
fittings for an economical installation
and long-term, hassle-free
1/4 turn quick-change filter design
eliminates risk of injury and physical
challenges associated with undersink
appliance maintenance
NSF Certified and listed for
contaminant reduction
amc. —
Anaheim Manufacturing Company
Made Irom FDA* CFR-21 Compliant Materials
*Food and Drug Administration
at its finest
Convenience. .. eliminate the
need, the cost and the hassle of
bottled water! 1,500 one gallon
water bottles will end up in
your recycle bin for every one
FM DWS 1500 filter replacement.
That's 300 five-gallon delivered
bottles in and out of your home!
And there is no deposit required!
Public or private well supply,
Water Factory Systems” ensures
that only clear, fresh water
flows from your tap.
Advanced contaminant
adsorption technology
Exclusive quick change
filter design
FM DWS 1500
Drinking Water System
Drinking Water System
advantages OF THE
* Conveniently dispenses healthy purified water for all water-based
cooking and consumption
+ Sanitary Quick Change System
— sale, clean filter replacement eliminates handling filter media
— as easy to change as a light bulb
* Capable ol providing liltered water to multiple water-using appliances
— kitchen and bar sinks, lavatory, hot-water dispensers and
* The FM DWS 1500 reduces
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without disinfection b
or after the system,
Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterab
Visit for the claims associated
with products that are NSF listed, :
LITWFS474 0204
© 2005 CUNO Incorporated
Made with pride in the USA.
— sediment — chlorine taste and odor — lead
— cyst — turbidity
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Water Cooler Bottled Water Pour Through Pitcher Filter in Faucet FM DWS 1500
$1.25 per gallon $0.79 to $1.50 per gallon $0.20 per gallon’ $0.18 to $0.25 per gallon’ $0.06 per gallon
plus monthly rental fees plus labor and handling plus patience bulky and unsightly Lead and Cyst Protection
* Expensive ® Expensive » Frequent filter replacements | # Frequent filter replacements | 1,500 gallon (5,678 liter)
* Heavy 5 gallon bottles weigh | * Heavy and cumbersome with yearly costs above $75 with yearly costs above $907 filter life
40 Ibs (18.1 kg). Risk of injury | * Difficult to transport * Limited volume — complaints | ® Short filter life: 200 gallons — | * One filter change per year:
and spills — * Requires frequent trips. of constant filling which can |757 liters) low maintenance
* Water delivery — by to market take up to 20 minutes » Awkward styling: low e Easy filter replacement:
homegwner ar more often by | * Storage space required * Pilcher requires continupus decorative appeal no tools required
diesel engine (leaded fuel] e Limited usage — not practical cleaning, takes up space * Lower flow rates e Separate faucet dispenses
trucks for food preparation on counter or inside (0.5 gpm/1.89 lpm) than filtered water on demand
« Storage required for both full. | Cannot supply other water refrigerator faucet mount styles * Can service other water using
and empty bottles using appliances s Limited usage — not practical | * Clogs easily — even slower appliances: refrigerator
“e Awkward placement. Clash — | * Bottled water not for food preparation/cooking flow rates with shorter water/ice, hot water tap,
with high-style decorative necessarily “safer” than due to limited capacity filter life bar sink
kitchen designs ordinary tap water’ * Clogs easily — even slower e Cannot supply other water # Lead and cyst reduction
e Often requires electricity | / drip filtration plus shorter using appliances health-related claim, verified
» Limited usage — not practical | National Resources Defense filter life by third-party regulatory
for food preparation PT * Cannot supply other water | Cot per gallon based on agency
he | : ; e
E. Ко dl a me "Consumer femora. 09 2009 | Cost per gallon based
' Cost per gallon based on replacement cartridge cost
replacement cartridge cost
* Consumer Reports, Aug 2000
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