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PRI extension for elmeg ICT Family
elmeg Module S2M
• Extension of the ICT systems by a PRI access
• Up to 30 external B channels
elmeg Module S2M
PRI extension for elmeg ICT Family
This module offers the connection of the IT telecommunications system to a PRI primary
multiplexing access. A 4-wire cable simultaneously provides 30 digital trunks.
ISDN point-to-multipoint or point-to-point
connections offer two effective channels for
each 2-wire line. You can also combine several
ISDN ports in elmeg ICT PABX systems to tackle
a large volume of communication traffic. Using
the elmeg ICT880xt and corresponding module
expansion, you can combine up to 8 ISDN
exchange connections for up to 16
simultaneous calls. A particularly
high-performance solution is the S2M primary
multiplex port for various telephone providers:
30 digital exchange lines at the blink of an eye
via a 4-wire cable - just right for larger
company systems with a high volume of
communication traffic, such as call centers.
elmeg offers you a direct option for
implementing this primary multiplex port - the
optional S2M module. Since the S2M module is
integrated at a dedicated slot in the PABX
system it does not limit modular expansion for
S0, Up0 or a/b ports in any way, also allowing
all of the S0 ports to be used for internal
Module S2M (1090895)
30 B-channels extern, usable on elmeg ICT88, ICT880, ICT880-rack
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elmeg Module S2M
Subject to technical alterations
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