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Philips For Kids
Wall light
20 Watt
CFL-I lamp
Metal, glass
Bring imagination to light
Bring alive the imagination with this bent glass wall light and add a splash of color to your
kids room
Premium quality
• Premium glass for reduced glare
Energy saving
• Designed for use with energy-saving light bulbs
Safe for kids
• Child-friendly
Wall light
20 Watt CFL-I lamp, Metal, glass
Technical specifications
Frequency: 50 Hz
Wattage: 20 W
Lamp holder: B22
Light source: Energy saving
Location: Bed and Livingroom
Number of lamps: 1
• Price range: basic
• Dimmable: No
Made for energy-saving bulbs
Design and finishing
• Material: Glass, Metal
• Color: Silver
• Power supply: 220-240V
Philips energy-saving light bulbs conserve energy
compared to traditional light sources, helping you to
save money on your electricity bills and do your bit
for the environment.
Premium materials
Premium glass for reduced glare
This lamp creates an environment which encourages
children to indulge in what they enjoy most: fun and
creativity! What's more, this lamp is also designed to
be safe for your child: it is cool to touch, robust and
users non-toxic paint.
Issue date 2014-12-09
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