Download KICTeam KW3-HSCB40 cleaning media

Card Reader Errors
Correct misreads with a
simple cleaning!
By not cleaning, you risk:
‡ Embarrassing equipment malfunctions
‡ Slower transactions and long liness that will frustrate your customers
‡ Higher transaction fees and potential fraud due to manual entries
‡ Decreasing employee efficiency
‡ Increased costs associated with equipment service or exchange
‡ Making a poor first impression with dirty equipment
Card Reader Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology®
Th Waffletechnology® Cleaning Card is designed to clean the magnetic stripe reader
(MSR) and the read pins located inside all smart card or EMV (chip and pin) card
readers. The sensitive contact pins allow communication between the credit card and
the card reader. Keeping these card reader contact pins clean is essential to the Point
of Sale (POS) equipment’s ability to read information from the card. Use this product
once per week to help avoid credit card misreads.
Part Number: KW3-HSCB40 | 40 Cleaning Cards per Box
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