Download CTA Digital Multifunctional Induction Charger

Pack includes the following:
(2) 900 mAh Rechargeable Batteries
(1) Li-ion Battery for DSi/DSi XL
(1) AC Adapter
Store and Charge your Wii remotes, using non-contact induction charging technology, and even charge your DSi/DSi XL
system too, wirelessly! Our charging solution is simple, just place up to 2 Wii remotes (with or without motion Plus adapters
connected) on the magnetic charging cradles and place your DSi/DSi XL system on the charging pad below. We even
include 2 induction batteries for the Wii remotes, and 1 Li-ion battery for your DSi/DSi XL. This charger makes it possible
to recharge without having to plug in any wires, or buy disposable batteries. This charger organizes stores and charges your
remotes, and DSi/DSi XL system with ease.
• LED lights illuminate blue while charging,
• LED lights illuminate green when
fully charged
• Powered by AC adapter
• Battery Type: 900mAh Rechargeable
• Eliminates messy wires
• Charge up to 2 remotes at once
• No need to buy disposable batteries
• No need to plug in cables to your
*Wii Remotes, Wii Motion Plus and DSi not included
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